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Green Road High School is a private high school, inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. It is a co-educational, multi-cultural, university preparatory school, located in Toronto.

ABOUT GREEN ROAD High School is a private high school, approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education. It is a co-educational, multi-cultural, university preparatory school, located in Toronto. At Green Road High School, we believe that all students should be able to access the help and support they need to enable them to become independent and fully engaged learners. Green Road High School has a formidable academic reputation. This is achieved by high quality teachers, assisted by dedicated support staff, who together foster a broad curriculum for able students, who seek to: Encourage intellectual advancement, curiosity and creativity in a stimulating, challenging but cooperative academic environment; Develop students' love of learning, general study skills and team work; Provide opportunities for cultural, linguistic, scientific, and physical enrichment and an awareness of, and service to, the school, local, national and global community and heritage; Prepare young students for entry to good universities, either in Canada or abroad; Enable young students to enter the adult world with the knowledge and self-belief to fulfill their potential. At Green Road High School , We teach students from Grade 9 to university entrance. Our Learning Support provision aims to be appropriate to the particular needs of the students who have a specific learning difficulty, or those whose knowledge of English needs to be extended.� We also aim to be a resource for the whole school learning community, enabling all pupils to achieve their full academic potential and high levels of excellence within the school. All the students are screened at the beginning of their Novi year; those with a specific learning difficulty are offered appropriate, tailored support.� We also work with all the students to build up a unique learning profile. We help them to reflect on their learning styles and preferences and provide them with a toolkit of strategies and resources which will be helpful across the curriculum.� Throughout their school careers, the students will have access to a range of Learning Support. Green Road High School also offers TOEFl-iBT,IELTS,MELAB,COPE andYELT preparation courses for university. It provides an excellent education, through high expectations of academic achievement and caring individual support, to enable students to learn, to grow, and to become responsible, productive, and contributing members of the global community. Finally, members of the Departments liaise with other teaching staff throughout the school, advising on the particular needs of individual pupils and offering support and resources as requested.

Principal Message

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and administration, I wish all of our new students good luck and success in their studies. At GRHS we provide our students comprehensive assistance and guidance to better prepare them for their future studies. Not only do we want our students to gain admission to Canada's top universities, but we also want them to be successful in their endeavours above and beyond school.

GRHS is a private high school, and its primary goal is to prepare our students for success in University or College. We not only strive to teach the subject matter and curriculum required by the Ministry of Education but also try to embed values and character traits into their learning that help our students become more global citizens.

I want to remind all of our students that ultimately their success is in their hands and they are responsible for their own future. Please keep in mind all deadlines and important dates in the upcoming school year. Feel free to make an appointment to see me if you have any questions or problems.

Thank you.

Tooraj Yousefi


Green Road High School