Green Road High School

Committed to Excellence

Student Services is an area where people can come to discuss educational, personal and career concerns. The main purpose of our Student Services Department is to counsel students in making informed decisions about their lifestyles and career goals.

Counselors will assist students in understanding themselves and their relationships with others in our ever-changing society. Counselors work with students to set goals, determine priorities and evaluate their unique educational, vocational and personal objectives. This helps students in understanding their present situation more clearly and in establishing action plans to accomplish their objectives.

Student Services provides a wide range of materials about careers, the world of work, and post-secondary institutions such as Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology, and Universities.

The dedicated Student Services team offer help, advice, guidance and support to all pupils within the Green Road Academy community.

The Student Services team works closely with the Directors of Learning, acting as a first point of contact for pupils, parents and staff.