Refund Policy:

Green Road Academy reserves the right to provide refunds on Tuition Fees only in cases where Study Permit is denied by the Canadian Immigration Authorities. A refund will be issued after the school receives the following documents:

  • A letter from the student, requesting the refund
  • Original Letter of Acceptance from Green Road Academy
  • Original Official Receipt of the Tuition Fees issued by the Green Road Academy
  • Student-Services

    Committed to Excellence

    Student Services is an area where people can come to discuss educational, personal and career concerns. The main purpose of our Student Services Department is to counsel students in making informed decisions about their lifestyles and career goals.

    Online Student

    A student information system (SIS), student management system, school administration software or student administration system is a management information system for education establishments to manage student data. Student information systems provide capabilities for registering students in courses, documenting grading, transcripts, results of student tests and other assessment scores, building student schedules, tracking student attendance, and managing many other student-related data needs in a school.